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File: 1676791982169.png–(53.32KB, 189x250, 1632779024308s.png)
No.1 Stickied  [Reply]
a board for the god of the boatchan of old

(this is for the oldfags)
¨ No.4
1678430787871.jpg–(14.38KB, 378x395, 332944018_1709403326183725_3557340322859762862_n.j)
we're going in

File: 1676825315856.png–(3.09KB, 45x45, right back in my hometown.png)
No.2  [Reply]
and i am proud to be
¨ No.7  >>9
with my new family
¨ No.9  >>10
and new friends and even a bear
¨ No.10
through good times and bad times

File: 1679676699586.png–(28.65KB, 496x320, data=8A6MNTny-ZC29z1omkxY71NuPv_R6xPjlVfNquzaaQms6)
No.8  [Reply]
if you know you know

File: 1678994120495.jpg–(174.88KB, 2208x1242, clevenlam.jpg)
No.6  [Reply]
This is him (Cleveland) (and his son) (I forget his name)

File: 1678567931295.jpg–(6.16KB, 225x225, download.jpg)
No.5  [Reply]
I love cleveland

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